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Cosprof Organic Beard Oil

Cosprof Organic Beard Oil

Cosprof Organic Beard Oil

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Cosprof Beard Oil contains precious natural plant essential oil, which is composed of Argan oil, jojoba oil, and other natural oils. It has the effect of moisturizing, softening, removing the beard dandruff, improving the beard dry and messy, supplying nutrition, relieving the skin itching caused by the growth of beard, and nursing the skin of the root of the beard.


1.Long-lasting Moisturize, and prevent flaking, dandruff, and skin dryness.

Beard oil acts as a moisturizer that goes straight to the hair follicle and prevents hair from growing brittle and prevent the natural moisture of the beard from reducing by bad weather conditions. Hydration around this area helps prevent flaking, dandruff, and skin dryness.

2. Promote the growth of Beard.

Beard Oil can promote the growth of the beard and make it denser.

3. Make beard softer and smoother.

Beard oil also works as a grooming tool, making the beard itself more manageable, neat and smooth.

4. Give more shine for the beard.

Beard oil also improves your beard looking by giving it a little shine, makes the beard look healthier.



Non-greasy and fast-absorbing brings unique shine throughout the day

1. Make beard healthier and dense.

2. Make beard softer and smoother.

3. Easy and safe to use.

4. Suitable for all types of beard.


1. Shake before use.

2. Drop a suitable amount of beard oil on your palm.

3. Rub your hands and apply it on your beard evenly.

4. Use it regularly.


1. Avoid contact with eyes.

2. For external use only and do not use on damaged skin.

3. Avoid the reach of children.

4. Store it away from the sun.


Forget about the beard I'd use this for my head hair no doubt looks waaaaay simpler than a conventional straightener. Cool :)

Kristin Flanary

Honestly i have had a beard for over ten years and i can say i love this thing i wish i would of had one along time ago

Ryan Eckert

My husband absolutely loves this he uses it everyday and it makes his crazy beard look nice and maintained he uses beard butter along with the heat

April Siders

I got it last week. Works pretty dang good, literally take 60 seconds to warm up and 60 seconds to straighten.

Ric Yambura
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